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2nd Master Advanced Analytics Meetup 7 September 2017, JOIN US!

Masters of Advanced Analytics Meetup-The Art of Data Science

Amsterdam, NL
69 Members

This is a community for anyone interested in data, advanced analytics, including predictive analysis, data mining, AI and Robotics.Are you excited about the potential of data …

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AI & RPA and the impact on day to day life

Thursday, Sep 7, 2017, 5:45 PM
21 Attending

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  • “Artificial intelligence & Robotic Process Automation and the impact on day to day life”

    If the current technology progress delivers what it predicts. Should we be concerned?

    How does ‘a day in the life of…’ looks like, 10 years from now?

    Will there still be (taxi/truck/bus) drivers? Can 2 people man a 3D home-printing factory? Will I still need a lawyer when I go to court? What social status will doctors have?

    Marinus Hoogendijk, partner @ Master Advanced Analytics will present some challenging insights and lead a discussion in the first part of the meet-up

    He would like you to participate in a discussion on:

    Labour: the role of the humans and impact on society Does society needs to provide income for non-workers? How can life be given a new meaning? Do we have to cut up the USA and Asia big 5 tech companies to manage? What are the political implications?“The future is now!”

    Leen Molendijk, managing consultant Watson & Cognitive Solutions, IBM will present his experience in the world of Watson. Using concrete cases to illustrate the future is already pouring into our lives. Which AI/Robotics/IOT components are applied. Not only what is realized but also how. IBM’s Watson plays a major part in these achievements. Cases will be from:

    Medical and life science industry Production (farming/ farmacy/ warehouses) Logistics Financial ServicesAgenda:
    18.00 Welcome

    18.15 Presentations

    Part One

    Part Two

    19.45 Sateh & Beer more discussion and get to know each other.

    21:00 End

Predicting Defaulting on Credit Cards Natalino Busa on LinkedIn                

Great piece of work by Natalino  Busa !

When customers come in financial difficulties, it usually does not happen at once. There are indicators which can be used to anticipate the final outcome, such as late payments, calls to the customer services, enquiries about the products, a different browsing pattern on the web or mobile app. By using such patterns it is possible to prevent, or at least guide the process and provide a better service for the customer as well as reduced risks for the bank.

In this tutorial, we will look at how to predict defaulting, using statistics, machine learning and deep learning. We we also look at how to explain the model itself using TSNE and Topological Data Analysis (TDA Kepler-Mapper). Finally we will look at how to APIfy the model and use it for account alerting.

Notebook here:


1st Master Advanced Analytics  Meetup: Great succes, great crowd!

Last Friday Master Advanced Analytics hosted a cool meeting at their Amsterdam office.

Literary cool, because inside it was a nice 21 degrees and outside people were sweating and wearing shorts in 30 degrees.

Longhow Lam presented a nice story on how RTL is working on improving viewer experience and recommendations for their paid film-channel using advanced analytics.Netflix is still higher on the development scale but RTL are maing good progress.

Natalino Busa did an inspiring talk on how to apply analytics on the analytics of paintings. Quite amazing to see that also culture can be enhanced using algorithms. Key question was on how this knowledge could be applied to discover a new Picasso or Rembrandt?

During the social part afterwards spicy sate’s and beer was served. Good discussions in a relaxed atmosphere were held.

The next meetup will be the first Thursday of September (7th). Sure that we will see some people coming back.