Executive Counseling

Successfully into your new future

With our People In Transition program, MASTER establishes a change in your carreer,whilst guiding you during an important step: towards he best job out there.

Transition management

Mobility can be a consequence of anticipating business evolutions. Unfortunately, it can also feel as if lighting just struck. In such far-reaching moments in your carreer, we recognise a number of stages :

– Awareness

– Saying goodbye to your old life

– Preparing for your new future ( i.a. personal branding, networking)

– Realisation of your new future

People in Transition

People In Transition supports you in all stages. We do this with unorthodox methods. Tailored to each individual. Your partners are experienced executives, so you talk to your own peers.

Your wishes and your personal  bottlenecks are key. As a customer or client of MASTER Search we work for you .

We will not rest until your new future has been realised.

Acquisition of opportunities

Distinctive in our program is the implementation phase .

Opportunity Acquisition: we create meetings with your potential new employer. Often they are already in our network , just as often we find them especially for you

We coach , guide and prepare every opportunity call in detail.

Our network, built up in the past 20 years, is at your service.