Executive Counselling

Being an outstanding employer through guided outflow

Transition within your organisation can result in outflow. MASTER Search’s People In Transition program allows you to act as a good employer and thus create ambassadors.


Whenever there is outflow, voluntary or forced, there are employees who, by their record of service, deserve individual attention and support offered through you, the employer, in the search for and the realisation of a new future.

For you as an employer the program means:

– A proven and successful process

– A people-oriented approach

– Taking responsibility towards the individual

– Attention and respect from colleagues

Executive Counselling

For the past 7 years, more than 50 senior executives have enjoyed and are still enjoying our ability to coach them in their personal and  professional development. By clearly defining goals and ambitions and by establishing steps leading  towards these goals and ambitions, we have been increasing our executives’ self-awareness and ultimately their success. Our position managers are known to be able to challenge and inspire IT executives.

Transition management

Innovation in your organisation means change and irrevocably brings along many issues. During these type of  transitions,  we provide you with solid backing in the form of a best practice audit and/or implementation support to ensure that these changes will not be major business disrupters or even disablers.


You may have to deal with the involuntary departure of an employee or a permanent cancellation of a position. In both cases, your organisation and the employee benefit from a swift and discrete outplacement or relocation program.

We provide intensive outplacement processes and we put our extensive network into operation in order to introduce the employee to prospective  future IT employers . This way we help find a suitable position for the employee, minimising the cost of outplacement.